Engine 9 - Pump Operation Help Guide
Find a suitable location to stop the Engine.  Ideally, find a location that is relatively level, not under any utility lines, with enough room to setup a drop tank if necessary.  
Stop the truck and apply the air brake by pulling it out.

Shift the transmission to Neutral by pressing the "N" button on the console.
Engage the pump by slowly moving the yellow lever on the right had side of the dash, from top to bottom.  The "Pump Mode" light should light "Green".
Engage the generator buy pressing the "Generator" button on the transmission console. The generator light should light "Green"

Shift the transmission to Drive by pressing the "D" button on the console.

Exit the cab and place the wheel chocks on each side of the drivers side rear wheel.
Move to the pump panel and remove the protective cover.
Open the "Tank to Pump" valve by moving the switch from the closed position UP to the open position. This switch is located in the lower middle pump panel.
Press the "Preset" button on the Pump Throttle control.  The display should now change to "125". 
Remove all of the hose for a "Speed Lay" or "Trash Line".  Straighten the hose line and open the nozzle.
Locate the color coded valve for the hose removed from the truck.  Slowly pull the lever down watching the pressure gauge.  Set to an appropriate pressure for the fireman holding the hose.  A good pressure for a single hose line operator is 80 psi.  After setting the pressure, lock the hose valve lever by rotating it Clockwise until it stops.
If the hose is shutdown by the operator for more than a minute, partially open the tank fill valve to "Recirculate" water from the tank to the pump and back into the tank. 
When ready to shutdown the pump, press the "Idle" button on the Pump Throttle control.
Reverse the startup procedure above to completely shutdown the pump.